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I Bet Hoss and Little Joe Never Saw Lemons Like This!

{Posted on January 19, 2012}

I just had the pleasure of frolicking in the sun and sand on the glorious beaches of the gulf coast of Florida. During my stay I encountered a lovely little citrus tree with some enormous yellow fruit dangling from its branches.

I was certain it was grapefruit, due to the size, but to my surprise it was actually a lemon…a GIGANTIC lemon! Meet the Ponderosa Lemon


Yep, that’s a normal sized lemon, found in your grocery, next to a Ponderosa Lemon, also nicknamed The ‘Five Pound Lemon’! The fruit is bumpy skinned and weighs 2-4 pounds but can reach the size of a football! The flavor is excellent and because of its size is terrific for juicing and cooking. Can you imagine a lemon garnish on your next martini from this bad boy??

So, next time life gives you (Ponderosa) lemons, make (a gallon) of lemonade!

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