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Scarily Savory and Terrifyingly Tasty!

{Posted on October 31, 2011}

Check out these devilish little jack-o-lanterns that will bring a delicious scare to your Halloween diners! Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers (Make some IF you dare!!)   6 bell peppers, any color 1 pound ground beef 1 egg 4 slices whole wheat … Continue reading

Noshing Napa Style

{Posted on October 19, 2011}

If the spectacular landscape and fabulous wines weren’t enough, throw in some culinary greatness just to top it off! (Here’s where the inspiration part comes in.) Dining at superb establishments such as Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, Bouchon and Bistro Sabor (a … Continue reading

Oh baby – Bring on the heat!

{Posted on June 28, 2011}

Grilled Steak with Chimichurri Sauce and Grilled Baby Vegys If you’re firing up the grill this holiday weekend and looking for a meal that won’t heat up the kitchen (cuz it’s gonna get HOT, man!) then look no further. I’ve … Continue reading

Happy Dad’s Day to all the Pop’s, Bro’s and Dudes…we love you man!

{Posted on June 16, 2011}

Hoping you celebrate your favorite dad this weekend and what better way than to grill out! You can always check out some of the previous yum-a-licious posts like Grilled Pizza or a juicy filet, but how about Kabob’s? Quick and … Continue reading

“Doubtless God could have made a better berry than the strawberry.” ~William Allan Butler

{Posted on June 8, 2011}

It’s still strawberry season and as much as I love those juicy, bright red, deliciously dimpled bites, I get a bit bored with using them in shortcakes, pies and fruit salads. Ever thought about them as a savory sauce over … Continue reading

Chop, chop…don’t be a hater!

{Posted on May 24, 2011}

I’ve never been a huge fan of the pork chop. Fried, broiled, baked…they all seem to turn out dry and tasteless. Well, here’s my all-time favorite recipe that will turn you into a pork chop patron! The smell, flavor and … Continue reading

It’s like…buddah!

{Posted on May 23, 2011}

Ok, who doesn’t like butter…I mean really people, it just makes everything that much better, right?! Now what about compound butters, or flavored butters? If you haven’t tried making/using one you’re missing out! Not only are they easy to make … Continue reading

Comfy food with a healthier spin? Yup.

{Posted on February 27, 2011}

When you think of comfort food on a dreary, cold, wintry day one of the things that seem to come to mind for many people is meatloaf. Now I’m not a huge fan of meatloaf, unless of course my dad … Continue reading

What a crock!

{Posted on February 19, 2011}

So, we’re ready for another category. Unfortunately Mr. Winter is still hanging around despite the derogatory (and I’m being nice here) comments that we all continue to make each and every day! Since we can’t seem to shake him, let’s … Continue reading

It’s almost Valentines Day…eating in?

{Posted on February 7, 2011}

How about avoiding the crowds and preparing a great romantic dinner at home? (Or if you’re boycotting Valentines, invite the girls over for dinner!) Personally, I’d take a quiet home cooked meal over going out to noisy restaurants any day! … Continue reading