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I’m Baaaaccckkk!

{Posted on January 5, 2015}

Let me re-introduce myself, I’m Lisa and I have a very neglected website. Well it’s a new year and one of my new resolutions is to resurrect my poor site and breathe some new life into some old food thoughts!

My second resolution for 2015 is to eat better, you’ve heard the term, “Clean Eating”.  I see the eye roll, so let me clarify – clean eating isn’t some fad diet (I hate the word diet!) it’s actually a lifestyle change. It’s turning down the fast and processed food and concentrating on REAL food, which I have to say can be very delicious. Here’s the kicker, if you do that not only will you change your body and lose weight, you’ll actually feel better! Baby steps are OK, gradually start replacing items with better choices and we’ll get into the habit gradually together.

So, I’ll be the guinea pig and post clean and healthy recipes that I’ve tried or created and any other inspirational tips and meal plans that I come across. You? Well, give a little clean eating a try and we can cheer each other on! Share your thoughts and other yummies you find and together we’ll make 2015 a deliciously healthy new year!  We got this sister ~


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6 Responses to I’m Baaaaccckkk!

  1. Welcome back sister! I am looking forward to some new clean yummies. I am ready!

  2. So glad you’re back. You’ve been missed!

  3. Looking forward to your new posts!!

    Andrea Hatfield