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I’m Lisa and I’m a self-proclaimed obsessive foodie! I live to eat and I love to cook. My husband’s nickname for me is the “Kitchen Magician” and I think it’s his nice way of otherwise calling me a complete “food-freak”. Would it be due to the fact that I actually read cook books in bed as if the latest best sellers? Spend endless hours in the kitchen and online in hopes of finding the newest, (mostly) healthy recipes? Force my family to become guinea pigs on any given (and frequent) night? Ok…guilty as charged.

Being an empty nester I have the luxury that my sisters (and many of my sister-friends) don’t have and that’s time. I can’t imagine having a full-time job, raising a house full of children, trying to keep life somewhat organized and provide good meals each and every day too! Whew! So, hence my idea to help my sisters (since I live in a different state than them and delivering dinners is OUT of the question!) on a different level.

My goal is to provide all my girls with some tried and true recipes, a menu planner from time to time and a bit of stress relief where I can. Now this is a big undertaking so I’m looking for help along the way. Got a go-to recipe that’s kid-friendly, easy to make (A MUST – we’ve got some amateurs out there!) and won’t completely clog the arteries? Join my team and let’s DISH!

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18 Responses to about this sister

  1. Thank you for making this site! I am so excited to try out your recipes! Love you!

    Marti Horrmann
  2. Great ideas! Can’t wait to try them!!!

    Amy Lisman
  3. Lees,

    This is brilliant and so YOU!!!!!!!!!! Truly exciting and who knows, once you go out into the “world”…this just might be the beginning of a much younger and better Oprah…stranger things have happened! :>)

    The chicken information was great…thanks!


    Lynne Jury Isenbarger
  4. Yeah Lisa! I love this – so excited to start following you and your food-freaky ideas – you are so talented sister!

    Shannon McNett-Silcox
  5. Great job, Lisa! Thank you for sharing!

    Shari Roy
  6. Lis,
    Following your passion – Very cute, neat idea and love the look!
    I’ll enjoy the eats when my husband serves up your treats.

    Katherine Falkenstern
  7. Hey Punkin, I love your new blog! I will be glad to test your recipes this summer …..friday nights!

  8. Hey back @ ya Snow Bunny – glad you like! Looking forward to those Friday nights baby. This blog really isn’t geared to a culinary queen as yourself, but would love for you to be a contributor!

  9. I’ve been checking in on this since you started and you’ve done an amazing job…this is very very cool! thanks for sharing!

  10. Proud of you friend! Keep up the great ideas (I know you have plenty) and go with your gut. Life’s short, LIVE and EAT well!

    Courtney Zachary
  11. Thanks everyone for your sisterly love and support. Keep reading and I’ll keep cooking! 8-)

  12. I’m lovin’ this. Can’t wait for each new post. you ROCK, Lisa!

    Claudia Johnson
  13. Lisa,
    My mother-in-law, Betty Smith, told me about your site and I am enjoying it already!
    I am married to Al, Bill’s son. We were at the lake yesterday and Betty and I like to talk about cooking.

    I am planning on making the chicken kabobs for supper tomorrow evening!

    Karen Wenger

    Karen Wenger
    • Hi Karen and thanks! So glad both you and Betty are enjoying it. :-) I look forward to hearing additional feedback on anything you try…good or bad. Also feel free to throw out a recipe of your own now and again, we love partners!!

  14. LOVE the new website! Keep up the good work and yummy recipes!!