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Every Helpful Hint You Need to Know to Eating Healthier!

{Posted on January 17, 2015}
Photo cred: Silk

Photo cred: Silk

It’s been just over two weeks now in my quest to eat and live healthier. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it was a bitter challenge the first few days. Cravings for sweets, one more glass of wine and of course that warm, chewy goodness of a thick slice of bread slathered in butter! But, I’m happy to say that IT GETS EASIER!

I’m also happy to say that I’ve had quite a few people approach me with questions, interest and encouragement. Several have joined the crusade alongside me and for that I’m grateful. It always helpful if you’re doing this with family members or friends that you can share your successes (and some failures…damn that last piece of chocolate I found hiding in the pantry!), recipes and meal planning strategies.

I had a friend share this brilliant collection of diagrams that will help with a plethora of questions, meal dilemmas and shopping conundrums. Salads, smoothies and snacks – oh my! Keep this handy people and you’ll have some fabulous guidelines right at your fingertips!

Happy (and healthy) eating!

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