Dishing Sisters

Enticing Fall Aromas and Very Special Times

{Posted on September 30, 2011}

As promised, I have started whipping up some of my favorite autumn dishes and dang, my kitchen smells DIVINE right now!

First up is my Gram’s Apple Pie. I was lucky enough to spend so many years in the kitchen watching her lovingly make these tart, yet sweet, flaky pastries. My family still can’t get enough! Every time I ask what to bring to a family function, the resounding answer is always “Gram’s Apple Pie!”. I’m not sure if it’s really the pie itself or the sentimentality each scrumptious bite brings of our days with an extraordinary lady we called Gram.

Either way, I’ll keep the tradition going and also share this recipe as a morsel of “passing the love” to all of you out there, courtesy of “Sister” Gram.




Gram’s Apple Pie – Made easy by me.

(Makes 2 pies…if your family is like mine, you’re gonna need them!)


2 boxes of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts, brought to room temp. (Sorry Gram, we’re all busy so I’m gonna cheat a little here for the sake of time!)

10-12 McIntosh apples (depends on size – enough so crusts are heaping full, 1/2 peck usually works well)

1 cup sugar +a little to sprinkle on top

1 1/2 tsp nutmeg

2 tsp cinnamon + a little to sprinkle on top

2 tbs Minute tapioca

2 tbs butter

3 tbs milk


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Peel, remove core and slice all apples, putting slices in a large mixing bowl. Add sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and dry tapioca, mix well.


Using 2 glass pie plates, place one crust in bottom of each. Fill each crust, heaping full, with the apple mixture. Sprinkle lightly with a bit more cinnamon over top. Cut up butter into small pieces and dot the top of each pie. Dip your finger in a small cup of water and moisten the edges of the filled pie crust slightly. Take remaining top crusts and cut a small design in the center of the crust to allow for the steam to escape. Lay each crust over top of the filled bottom crust. Pinch the edges together to seal and crimp as desired, removing any excess crust.


With a pastry brush, brush the entire top crust with milk, lightly coating. This will make a lovely brown baked top. Sprinkle with another light coating of sugar and place pies in the oven for about 1 hour. Checking on occasion to make sure crust edges aren’t getting too dark. (If so, cover edges with foil for remaining baking period.) Apples should be very soft and crusts should be beautifully brown. Cool on a baking rack and serve warm with vanilla icecream – YUM!


~Courtesy Thelma Meringa (Love you!)



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