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Strange name, excellent snackage!

{Posted on July 18, 2011}

Frog mix…hmmm. Don’t ask, just make.

I have company in and out all summer long (thinking I have friends only because I live on a lake AND I cook but whatever works! :-)) so snacks on hand are a must. This is a great mix to make for a crowd, or just make ahead just in case, it keeps in airtight containers for a very long time.

Frog Mix

1 Bottle butter-flavor popcorn oil
1 envelope ranch dressing mix
1 6 oz. bag (I use larger bag) Bugles
1 10 oz. Cheez-It crackers
1 12 oz. package Rice Chex
1 12 oz. package Corn or Wheat Chex
1 14 oz. package pretzels (sticks, twists or rounds)
1 12 oz. can peanuts

Pour oil into LARGE plastic food storage bag (or I’ve used new small kitchen trash bag in a pinch) and shake to coat sides. Add dry dressing mix and shake well. Add the bugles, crackers, cereal, pretzels and peanuts and shake to coat all well. Let sit for at least a couple of hours to absorb flavors. Store in airtight container. Makes 3 gallon size ziplock bags.

*Never fear, the mix will look greasy and unappetizing at first but after a couple of hours the flavor is absorbed and it will look like a “normal” mix. Taste is delicious too – addicting!

~Courtesy Vera Bradley, Cooking with Friends

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4 Responses to Strange name, excellent snackage!

  1. I’m lovin’ it! Just made two batches tonight for a pool party this weekend! This is definately going to be a “go to” recipe for Michigan State University tailgaters and Super Bowl parties!!!

    Jane Anstett
  2. We make a party mix in our household that’s similar to something like this. You won’t believe it, but it freezes quite well. Just put in your airtight containers or freezer bags.